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Can you delete characters in Once Human?

By 10 julio, 2024No Comments
once human character creation

Even though you might have spent a bunch of time perfectly crafting your character in Once Human, there may come a point where you just want to start from scratch.

In most games, you can simply just delete said character and begin anew, playing from the beginning once more.

However, it appears things are a little more complicated in Once Human.

Here, we’ll explain character deletion in Once Human so you know what to expect if you want to start fresh.

Can you delete characters in Once Human?

Before the launch of Once Human, it was stated by the devs that you were able to switch between different servers but a character deletion was potentially required in order to do so.

However, now the game is here, deleting a character in Once Human is just not possible at this time, leaving many very confused by this decision.

This means you’ll have to be absolutely certain when confirming the look of your character as you’ll be stuck with it forever.

Character screen in Once Human

On the flip side though, Starry Studio has listened to feedback regarding this aspect and has already released a statement on it.

In this community post on Steam, Starry Studio stated that multiple-character creation functionality has been “urgently opened up”, allowing you to have more than one character.

This was initially planned for August but the date has been brought forward since so many have requested it.

This will enable you to hop onto different servers and get to playing with your friends, a perfect early change from launch.

It still doesn’t fix the character deletion issue but since you’ll now be able to have various characters, a delete function will surely be available in due course.

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