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The First Descendant Encrypted Vaults: How to find and open

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the first descendant encrypted vault

In The First Descendant, while a lot of the gameplay is shooting any foes that are between your and your end goal, there are also some secrets to uncover.

One that many are stumbling across are Encrypted Vaults but most are struggling in both how to find their location and ultimately how to open them.

Here, we’ll run through both of these aspects so you can get to these Vaults and crack them open to receive the goodies.

How to find Encrypted Vaults in The First Descendant

To start the Encrypted Vault process, you must first head out into the world and locate what look like blue, square-shaped holograms on the floor. These are quite small and missable so ensure you’re keeping an eye out for them.

Once finding one, hover over it and press Tab/Right Stick depending on your input. You should be able to hear a noise when you do so, and this is what you need to use to locate the Vault.

Rotate your camera around and listen out for when the noise it at its highest – this will mean you are facing in the correct direction of the Vault.

Now, head toward the noise, and look out for either another of those blue squares, or if its a short one, the actual Encrypted Vault.

While you might think that an Encrypted Vault would be some form of safe-looking object, it’s actually more in line with a colored robot, so keep that in mind.

How to open Encrypted Vaults in The First Descendant

Once you’ve made it to the Vault, to open it, you will need a Code Analyzer. There are two different versions of these – the basic Code Analyzer and a Precision Code Analyzer.

You may have one, or both of these in your inventory but if you don’t, you can earn them by simply killing enemies and hope luck is on your side for one to drop.

With Analyzer in hand, now you can interact with the Vault and you’ll enter a timing minigame. You must complete this otherwise you’ll use up your Code Analyzer and you will require another to try again.

the first descendant encrypted vault minigame

If you were successful then great, you’ve now opened up an Encrypted Vault!

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