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The First Descendant beta rewards: A full list and how to claim

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A Descendant in The First Descendant

The First Descendant, like other free-to-play games, offered a chance to get in on some looter shooter action before the official release.

This was in the form of betas, and if you were one of the eager ones who got in and explored the world of Igris you would have earned yourself some rewards.

Here, we’ll explain how to claim The First Descendant beta rewards, as you’re not automatically given them when you load up the game for the first time.

How to claim The First Descendant beta rewards

Obviously, it seems like a given, but you must have played the beta to be eligible for any beta rewards.

If you did play at least some of it, whether that is five minutes or if you got your character to max level, you would have earned at least some in-game items.

To claim these, you must head to Albion in-game and your beta rewards will be available in your Mailbox.

One thing to note here though is that you must be playing on the same account tied to the beta otherwise you won’t have the beta rewards that you earned.

What are all of The First Descendant beta rewards?

Bunny in a special skin in The First Descendant

Since there were two betas for The First Descendant, there were also two sets of rewards you could pick up.

Moreover, these rewards differed depending on how much of the betas you played, with the people who spent the most time in-game receiving the ‘better’ gear.

Here are all of The First Descendant beta rewards you could get:

Steam Beta Test (Oct 2022) rewards

  • High Five emote – All test participants
  • Frost Walker Hunter & 2 titles: Groundbreaking (Prefix), Explorer (Suffix) – Completed Void Intercept Battle <Frost Walker>

Crossplay Open Beta Test (Sep 2023) rewards

  • Send Heart emote – All test participants
  • Bear Cub back attachment – Players who leveled a Descendant to Level 20
  • Passion spawn effect – Players who cleared a Hard Mode Void Intercept Battle
  • Bunny head skin “Trendsetter” – Survey participants

If you sadly didn’t get in on the two betas, you can pick up some additional gear through The First Descendant Twitch Drops, so don’t be too disheartened!

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