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DOOM: The Dark Ages – Release date, trailers, platforms, and everything we know

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The DOOM Slayer in DOOM: The Dark Ages

DOOM is just one of those franchises that looks like it will be here forever, with new fans falling into the battle against Hell with each release.

Since the resurgence in 2016 thanks to the critically acclaimed DOOM, and subsequently DOOM Eternal, those who even got a few hours into these titles have been clambering to take control of the Slayer once more.

DOOM: The Dark Ages is the next game in the series and below, we’ll reveal all on its release date, trailers, platforms, and more.

DOOM: The Dark Ages release date

DOOM: The Dark Ages has a release date of 2025 as of right now, no defined day or month has been shared.

However, if we were to look at past DOOM releases in recent times, we can have a guess at what region of 2025 we can expect to see it.

DOOM Eternal launched in March 2020, with its predecessor DOOM releasing in May 2016. So, going off the trend, DOOM: The Dark Ages could come out between Q1 and Q2 2025.

DOOM: The Dark Ages trailers

There has been one trailer released for DOOM: The Dark Ages but boy is it an action-packed one.

Shown at the 2024 Xbox Games Showcase, we were introduced to not only the world for the game but weapons, enemy types, and even some new mechanics, as well as DOOM Slayer in a fancy, new, furry cape.

It’s definitely the newer DOOM combat that many have come to love, coupled with some added tweaks like a throwable shield, akin to that of God of War’s Kratos.

DOOM: The Dark Ages platforms

Taking on the new enemies in DOOM: The Dark Ages

DOOM: The Dark Ages will release on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC, making it available to most gamers out there.

You might be shocked to see PS5 make the list considering that Xbox now owns Bethesda but there has been a commitment from the gaming giant to make their titles available for as many people as possible, even if that means PlayStation gets a look in.

Is DOOM: The Dark Ages on Game Pass?

Yes, when DOOM: The Dark Ages releases it will be on Game Pass.

This is no real shock considering it is developed by id Software and published by Bethesda, but it is nice to have it confirmed all the same.

What we don’t know though is if the Game Pass release is just a console launch or if PC owners have the opportunity to secure it too.

This will be announced in due course though, so just a matter of sitting tight for now.

When is DOOM: The Dark Ages set?

doom the dark ages setting

As you might think from the title of the game, DOOM: The Dark Ages looks to take things back in time rather than the futuristic setting that the usual titles have.

In fact, the devs have stated that The Dark Ages is in fact a prequel to DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal, putting the DOOM Slayer in a “never-before-seen dark and sinister medieval war against Hell”.

As for a specific year, this hasn’t been revealed, but since we’re looking at a medieval period, it’ll at least be after 476 A.D.

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