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Why Should You Invest in This Learn-to-Earn Bitcoin Alternative? – Cilinix Crypto Presale Update

By 15 junio, 2024No Comments

While Bitcoin is still struggling to reach the $70,000 level, retail investors are flocking to this Learn-to-Earn crypto presale, boosting it to $2 million.

The new 99Bitcoins (99BTC) token is performing well in its presale, gaining recognition from many experts as one of the top cryptocurrencies to buy now.

Despite a bit market downturn, the strong backing suggests that $99BTC might become the leading alternative to Bitcoin.

Its features could potentially lead to significant gains, possibly multiplying investments by 100x upon launch.

Experts and influencers bullish on 99Bitcoins presale performance

Experts and crypto influencers have praised 99Bitcoins for its strong presale performance. Some suggest it could potentially achieve returns as high as 10x after its launch.

Jacob Bury, a well-known crypto influencer, supports 99Bitcoins’ potential. Crypto Boy is even more optimistic, hinting at potential returns of 100x, while Matthew Perry simply described the potential returns as “massive”.

99Bitcoins’ debut in the BRC-20 competition generated significant hype and excitement, including from experts like Michael Wrubel, who has a YouTube following of over 300k subscribers.

These experts have accurately predicted the success of new tokens in the current bullish market. Their positive outlook on 99Bitcoins should not be overlooked. Investors are encouraged to follow the 99Bitcoins X and Telegram accounts for the latest updates.

Unique features of 99Bitcoins (99BTC): BRC-20 bridging and Learn-to-Earn model

99Bitcoins (99BTC) stands out with several unique features setting it apart from other tokens. One standout is its strong integration with the established 99Bitcoins platform, which boasts a large community of over 700,000 YouTube subscribers and 2.8 million registered users. This broad support enhances $99BTC’s credibility and potential adoption.

Another key feature is its multi-chain capability. Initially an ERC-20 token on Ethereum, $99BTC is planned to bridge to the Bitcoin blockchain using the BRC-20 standard. This approach combines the security and stability of Bitcoin’s network with the flexibility and functionality of Ethereum.

$99BTC’s Learn-to-Earn model is also innovative. Users earn tokens by engaging in educational activities, such as interactive learning modules and quizzes. This gamified approach not only makes crypto education enjoyable but also provides tangible rewards.

99BTC Learn-to-Earn Model

Additionally, the platform offers attractive staking rewards, incentivizing users to hold their tokens and earn passive income. Early participants can take advantage of the platform’s growth with staking APYs reaching as high as 785%.

Moreover, the $99BTC smart contract has successfully passed the SolidProof audit, further reinforcing its strong fundamentals. You can explore the potential future of 99Bitcoins through our 99Bitcoins price prediction.

99Bitcoins (99BTC) presale surpasses $2 million milestone

The 99Bitcoins (99BTC) presale has garnered significant interest by surpassing the $2 million mark. This early success reflects strong investor confidence in the project.

Currently, $99BTC tokens are available at a low rate of $0.00109 during the presale phase, expected to rise in subsequent stages. The presale aims to raise substantial funds for developing and promoting the 99Bitcoins platform.

%15 of the total token supply, amounting to 99 billion tokens, is allocated for the presale. Early investors can not only purchase tokens but also stake their $99BTC tokens even before the presale concludes, potentially earning significant returns right from the start.

Interested buyers can visit the 99Bitcoins website and use the over-the-counter widget to acquire the $99BTC token. During the presale, $99BTC operates as an ERC-20 token, enabling investors to swap ETH or ERC-20 USDT for purchasing the token.

Investors opting for BNB, however, cannot participate in presale staking. Besides the presale, 99Bitcoins has initiated a substantial airdrop campaign to engage its community and generate excitement around the $99BTC token.

The campaign involves distributing $99,999 worth of Bitcoin among 99 fortunate community members. The initiative has attracted thousands of participants eager to seize a portion of this generous prize.

Participating in the airdrop is straightforward: users must sign up on, follow the platform’s social media channels, submit a Bitcoin wallet address, and share the same wallet address used in the presale.

To participate in the $99BTC token presale, visit


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