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AC Valhalla: Kill or spare Modron options explained

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kill or spare modron ac valhalla

There are times in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla where you need to make a call, potentially changing up the outcome of a quest, and having disastrous consequences if you don’t choose the correct decision.

Just like in other quests such as Closing the Vault and Road to Hamartia, there comes a time in The Gutted Lamb where an option presents itself – to kill or spare Modron.

Here, we’ll break down the two options, so you know the outcomes of each, and you can make the choice knowing what’s to come.

Should you kill or spare Modron in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

After making your way through The Gutted Lamb quest, you’ll enter a poisonous cave, and ultimately battle Modron in a ‘boss fight’. However, even though you do take the enemy down, they are not ‘dead’ and after the battle, you’ll be given the two aforementioned options – Kill Modron or Spare Modron.

You may be inclined to simply spam that kill option since Modron isn’t exactly the nicest of folk but let’s just talk through the repercussions of each choice.

Kill Modron

If you choose to kill Modron, her Daughter Gwenydd will appear from the shadows and after a short conversation with Tewdwr where you tell him Modron was about to kill him, she will state that she will not join his Church of Christ and your end will be coming.

Spare Modron

If you choose to spare Modron, her Daughter will again come out from the shadows but will give Modron a hug. Your conversation with Tewdwr will be different as there will be no mention of Modron’s attempt to kill him, and instead you state she has saved him.

No matter which option you pick, there are no further repercussions, the quest ending stays the same. So, it’s all about the dialogue that comes after the choice and later scenes with both Modron and Cynon, depending on your other choices with that character too.

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