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Stripped GeForce RTX 4090 cards from pre-built PCs are smuggled into China

By 6 febrero, 2024No Comments
GeForce RTX 4090 graphic card

Despite US sanctions prohibiting the activity, a report published by tomshardware, claims that individuals in nations bordering China have been purchasing complete pre-built PC systems with GeForce RTX 4090 GPUs, only to remove the graphics cards and resell them in China. For instance, it claims that in an attempt to make quick money, someone purchased 20 robust PC systems with RTX 4090 graphics for more than US$4,500 each (a total of more than US$91,000). The GeForce RTX 4090D that Nvidia offers as a substitute and the U.S. tech sanctions against China are the main culprits behind these actions.

Asian small-business entrepreneurs appear to purchase desktop GeForce RTX 4090 cards as soon as they become available to resell them to sanctioned China. Retailers thought they could avoid this disturbance in the market when customers sought to upgrade to the greatest graphics cards 2024 had to offer by employing whole-system bundling tactics. However, it doesn’t seem like the requirement to buy expensive, high-end hardware to acquire an RTX 4090 has diminished interest in the flagship GPU. By now, profits ought to be reasonable.

In Taiwan, one may purchase a single GeForce RTX 4090 card and the PCHome24 without buying an entire system or bundle. Only local SIM cards, which are strictly regulated and associated with official identification documents in this region — are accepted at this online retailer. It might, therefore, be more protected from dishonest scalpers. PCHome24’s lowest-priced cards cost TWD$62,990, or about US$2,000, plus 5% VAT.

Some claim that the rise in interest in the RTX 4090 has impacted the PC and component markets in Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, and other nations. They also claim that prices in their home markets are rising by as high as 60% in certain places where purchasers are willing to switch out and ship out RTX 4090 cards to Chinese clients.

The retailers want to stop all the scalpers, but even having to purchase full systems is desirable.

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