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Might we be getting collectible Palworld cards? – Nintendo will love that

By 28 enero, 2024No Comments
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With the Pokemon Company and Nintendo seemingly looking into Palworld and its Publisher Pocketpair to see if there has been any chance of IP infringement that can be proved and laid at the door of the sold-eight-million-in-a-week gaming phenomenon, there may be another slight gesture of defiance heading their way.

Now, whether totally innocent, a slight troll, or an impending reality, Pocketpair CEO has posted a picture on X of his desk with several Palworld collectible-style cards laid on it, along with some Palworld toys that could well be 3D-printed at this stage.

The translated text simply reads, “I’m having a lot of fun making and playing card games at work, but I’m going back to work.” so is completely ambiguous in its meaning, but with Pokemon being known for its huge card sales – The Pokemon company sold a staggering, close on, 10 BILLION trading cards between 2022-2023, there is money in those bits of stiff paper.

Of course, a trading card game based on a video game would not make any money if a game did not have players, fortunately, that is something that Palworld currently has in abundance, so it is no surprise if ideas such as that are beginning to circulate around excited minds.

While there are competing card games to Pokemon, the suggestion of a Palworld trading card game could antagonize Ninetendo’s lawyers still further but equally could be a huge boost to the Palword universe, which is already bigger than many could have ever imagined.

 One thing is for sure, if and when official Palworld merch arrives, there will not be any shortage of buyers while the game remains as popular as it is and the devs working so hard to fix the issues plaguing some of its players.

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