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How to assign roles and jobs to your Pals in Palworld

By 21 enero, 2024No Comments
Lifting a Pal in Palworld

Yes, we get that Palworld is Early Access and therefore a bit on the janky side. We also know that millions of people are playing it and there it’s safe to assume that not everybody will have worked out how to assign individual roles to individual Pals already.

As your base begins to grow and you want certain Pals to concentrate on certain jobs, chopping, forming, and the like, it’s not unreasonable to head to the Palbox and think you would assign roles for individual pals on your base right there. Well, that would be too easy. 

The devs have chosen to swerve telling you how to do this, and it’s possible that it might be because it is a mechanic that is going to change sooner rather than later, but you won’t find any Pal assigning section in any of the game’s UI or menu.

How to assign a job to a Pal

In order to get the pal of your choice to work hard at the task you want to set it to, rather than simply wandering around and automatically picking up the next job it fancies doing, you need to assign it a place of work by throwing it at it. Not kidding.

When you go close to a Pal a contextual menu will offered – it’s F on the keyboard – and that command will Lift the Pal. Do this, pick it up, and carry it to where you want it to work, say for example your new ranch. Press the button again and you will hurl the Pal into the distance, and if all goes to plan, the Pal will start to work on the job where it is closest to. The only issue you will have is if there are a couple of potentials nearby and then it is a lottery as to what it will do.

We assume if Palworld, having hit these successful heights in its first few days, gets any level of updates in the coming weeks, we can expect this mechanic to either be tidied up or changed completely. But for now, you need to toss your pal all the way to their new job. Have fun.

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