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How Facebook Event Marketing Can Expand Your Customer Base

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How Facebook Event Marketing Can Expand Your Customer Base

Marketing your company event to expand your reach can be overwhelming. Effectively contacting a prospective customer base can be complicated and building notoriety of your event can be laborious. So, how do you ensure the success of your company event?

Event Marketing Can Expand Your Customer Base

Any professional would tell you to turn to social media to get the word out, and they would not be wrong, as it is inherently a marketing and networking concept. Creating a Facebook event is a feature that many businesses are turning to for its simplicity and extraordinary promotional abilities. Despite the effortless setup, there remain uncertainties of actual attendees.

Below are a few pointers on what you can do with the Facebook event feature to gain maximum visibility, make new contacts, and ultimately expand your customer base.

How to create Facebook Event for Invitations

Invitations on facebook
Invitations on Facebook

After creating your Facebook event, you’ll need to carefully craft your guest list. As a host, you can only invite your friends from your own personal Facebook account, not your business.

Be careful not to invite your whole friends’ list — this can not only seem insincere or even like spam, but you also can end up inviting people who aren’t considered your target audience for your customer base.

So, hopefully, you have been using your social media account to network professionally as well as personally.

Appeal to Your Larger Audience

To appeal to an even larger audience, consider involving a co-host for their resources and to invite their friends, who then, in turn, can invite their friends — and so on. It is important to note that the guests you invite can tag or invite their friends, as this presents an opportunity to create a large RSVP list — increasing your company’s visibility.

Promotional Incentives

Promotional Incentives

Since guests can invite and notify their friends of your event, it would help to give some incentive for doing so. Announce a company discount for attendees who invite one of their Facebook friends. Or, increasingly greater deals for the more friends they invite.

Anything you can do to get a potential customer to climb the RSVP pole from “not going” to “interested” to “going.”

Incentivise Your Event

Many people say they’re going, but you want them to actually attend the event. One way to get potential customers to your event is to give the promotional incentives out at your event.

If your promotional efforts stop after you’ve gotten them to click “going” to your event, you’re only halfway there. Updates on things such as promotional efforts, change of location, and general customer inquiries that need to be addressed.

Customer Engagement

customer engagement

Your Facebook event has a wall, just like a regular Facebook page.

Your marketing and networking instinct should tell you this is a great way to start or engage in discussion with all your potential customers. This is a great place to announce promotional incentives, contests, and winners.

As potential customers, it’s important to accommodate them in any way, including pointing to your event via additional social media platforms, as there are different trends and content for different platforms.

Facebook Will Remind Interested People

If you set up an event, and invite attendees, Facebook will remind the people who clicked “interested” or “going,” however, it’s easy to forget about these reminders.

An active event wall will steadily inform your invitees by popping up in their news feed or notifications page with relevant updates or discussions, prompting them to check in on the activities while noticing the date of your event frequently.

Create B2B Networking through Facebook Event Marketing

b2b networking
B2B Networking

If you have a business-to-business customer base, the above networking techniques are still very applicable. Your list of invited should include professionals in your industry or similar industries.

Any business professional you reach out to, even if they don’t attend your event, will know of your business and you’ll be on their radar. And when your event is a success, they’ll hear of that as well.

Co-host or sponsor the event with another business.

Another way to network is to co-host or sponsor the event with another business. This is a terrific way to demonstrate your company’s value to a potential customer, as well as gain a new customer base with the people your co-sponsor invites.

It’s not only a way to lessen some of the promotional and networking efforts, but it’s also a highly effective way to be seen by an audience you otherwise may not have targeted.

Social media, when used correctly and through a marketing and networking lens, is arguably the most valuable tool in expanding your customer base.

Creating a Facebook event while keeping the information above in mind, will maximize your reach, secure more attendees, and sustain your visibility to a wide customer base.

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