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How to Complain to Customer Service (and Actually Get What You Want)

By 13 septiembre, 2021No Comments

How to Complain to Customer Service (and Actually Get What You Want)

Try a formal complaint

A lot of online companies save money by skimping out on a functional support team. The worst ones are intentionally unscrupulous about dealing with legitimate concerns, and they might simply ignore your concerns. When this happens, you can make a formal complaint with non-profit organizations and government agencies, including:

  • The Better Business Bureau, which can mediate a complaint against a company on your behalf. They also grade businesses based on their trustworthiness and how they interact with customers, so your feedback will help other consumers stay clear of poorly run businesses.
  • The Federal Trade Commission, which investigates serious consumer complaints, particularly if you’ve been cheated by a business or want to expose illegal business practices. You can do so here.
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is similar to the FTC but is more focused on helping consumers deal with complaints with financial companies. You can file a complaint here.


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