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13 of the Best Things to Stream in July 2022

By 30 junio, 2022No Comments

Official Trailer | The Bob’s Burgers Movie | 20th Century Studios

What a romp. I highly recommend showing up for the Belchers on the big screen, if you can. But if you miss out on The Bob’s Burgers Movie in theaters, Hulu has got you covered on July 12.

While the movie should appeal primarily to devoted fans of the Bob’s Burgers TV show, it’s still a delightful film for the uninitiated. Here’s a general overview of what goes down:

Bob and Linda find out they have seven days to repay a bank loan they can’t afford. On the same day, a massive sinkhole opens in front of their restaurant, which you could say negatively impacts business. At school, Tina obsesses over turning Jimmy Jr. (also Benjamin) into her summer boyfriend; Gene keeps trying to get his band, The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee, off the ground; and Louise struggles with self-esteem when she’s called a baby by the older girls. Most of the characters are dealing with doubt to some degree—over the business, over a boy, over art, over maturity. The writers of “Bob’s Burgers” have often been able to thread relatable, emotional issues through their often-broad, goofy, Broadway musical-inspired scripts in a way that can sneak up on you.

Many fans (myself included) will admit that this movie leans more wholesome than it does laugh-out-loud funny. Personally, I’m OK with prioritizing heart over getting laughs. The Bob’s Burger Movie is a rewarding emotional experience for longtime fans of the show.

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